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Rochester Future Educator's Club new after school program called R.E.A.P.

The Rochester Future Educator's Club started a new program called R.E.A.P.  It’s similar to Big Brothers and Sisters.




Rochester FEA members who help to


Assist &

Promote learning while mentoring!


Who can R.E.A.P. the benefits?


Any 6th-12th grade Rochester student who may need help with any school related activity. The FEA member will be assigned to a student who signs up for the REAP program. They may share similar interests or a subject that will help match for tutoring and mentoring purposes. The student/mentor relationship must consist of an upper level student helping a student in any grade below their grade. 

Where & When does this take place?

After school in the ICafe twice a week or by scheduled appointment with an FEA member.


To sign up scan the QR code


Attention Parents:  Your child can apply to be a part of this program by scanning the QR code on this page.  Participation requires parental permission.  This is an after school program for your child to receive school help AND someone to spend time with.  The program runs from 2:32 until 3:30 and takes place in the iCafe outside of the Auditorium.


For any questions regarding this program, please email