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Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances

Family Residing in a Household with Another Family 

If the family resides in a household with another family, the following additional items must be presented:

  • Required for families who are living with another family within the Rochester Area School District
  • The multiple occupancy form (available at the school) must be signed by the resident family member to verify the student’s residence in the District. The District Notary will notarize the form on site. Both the parent and resident family member must be present to complete this process
  • The homeowner/resident of record must provide a valid Photo ID along with a current lease or deed confirming their address
  • The parent must provide a valid Photo ID with at least one document with name and that address for proof of residency
  • Provide proof that the owner/lessor or record or his/her agent granting permission for the parties involved to reside at the residence, under what circumstances, and the expected duration. Note: Only the owner of record or his/her agent can grant permission for the parties to reside in a property, a lessee cannot


Students Living With a Resident Adult other than a Paren

When a child is living with a district resident, who is supporting the child without personal compensation, (gratis) the child may attend the public schools of that resident’s school district, provided that resident makes an application and supplies the required enrollment information. In addition, before accepting the child as a student, the district shall require the resident to file the following:

  • A sworn and notarized statement (form is available at the school) from the resident of the school district indicating that the signer is a resident of the school district, is supporting the child without receiving personal compensation, that the child is living with the resident continuously and not just for the school year, and that the resident will accept all responsibilities relating to the child’s schooling. The resident must provide a valid Photo ID and current deed or lease confirming their address. The District Notary will notarize the form on site. 
  • Appropriate legal documentation to show dependency or guardianship, which may include a custody order.