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MS House System

RASD Middle School House System


The House System is a way of organizing and integrating our middle school students into “Houses” or homerooms. Each House has students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Once assigned to a House, students remain there for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.


House Purpose:

The Rochester House system was designed to create a sense of belonging in middle school.  Our goal is to help students form friendships throughout different grade levels (6-8). We also provide many leadership opportunities for students. Teachers are assigned to a house to foster and mentor their students. 


House Competitions:

A House Competition is a competition that helps students form confidence, team relationships, and a spirit of community. Each month there will be a “House Competition.” These competitions require students to work together and complete goals. The competitions are diverse, like our student body. Competitions incorporate physical, mental, and creative abilities. Students learn new skills and work on team-building relationships with their peers and mentors.


What are the “Houses”?

Our middle school has a total of four Houses. Each House is named after a famous person. They have their own mascots, chants, and colors associated with each House. This creates a sense of spirit and belonging for each House.

The Houses are as follows:


House Prefect:

Students in the 8th grade can apply for the position of “Prefect.” The students will accept responsibility and take on these leadership roles. Prefects help lead their Houses to victory, track their Houses’ points, plan competitions, and are the “voice” of their Houses. They are also responsible for creating excitement for their Houses.