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Middle School SWPBIS Website

Welcome to RASD MS SWPBIS!

What is SWPBIS?

School-wide PBIS is a multi-tiered framework to make schools more effective places. It establishes a social culture and provides the behavior support needed to improve social, emotional, behavioral, and academic outcomes for all students. PBIS is flexible enough to support student, family, and community needs.

Tiers of SWPBIS:

The type and level of behavior support provided for any student must match the intensity of his or her needs. Student responsiveness to academic and behavioral supports must guide instructional and intervention decisions. Schools implementing PBIS school-wide must organize behavior support across multiple tiers which increase in intensity as students’ needs dictate.”  This system is developed and based on a model of three tiers.

  • Tier One, a “universal” tier, is the foundation where all students receive positive support for preventive measures. The second two tiers are built off of the first.
  • Tier Two is specifically designed to provide interventions for students who are classified “at risk.” These students receive more support than students on the first tier.
  • Tier Three is the most intensive level of support for students with the most significant behavioral support needs. 




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