Superintendent's Desk

Dr. Jane Bovalino

Welcome to the Rochester Area School District!

Our school community is unique in that all of our students, from kindergarten through twelfth grade, are educated in the same K-12 complex. This setup allows our students and staff to develop close, interpersonal relationships. The RASD serves the children in Rochester Township, Rochester Borough and East Rochester. We have approximately 800 students in our district.

We are fortunate to have dedicated faculty and staff members who challenge themselves to provide quality learning experiences for our students. Recently, our staff and community collaborated to revise our district’s comprehensive plan. This plan sets our course for the next six years for our school district. The Comprehensive Plan also guides the superintendent's goals. We have four main goals for our district.

These overarching goals include the following:

Goal #1: HIGH ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT: To increase student achievement in reading and mathematics and decrease the achievement gap between the "all" category and the "at risk" category by 1/6 each year within the next six years (2013/2014 - 2018/2019).  

Goal #2: SAFE SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITIES: Provide a safe and nurturing environment for our children to achieve academic success. 

Goal #3: CREATING POSITIVE RELATIONS: Improve the internal and external relationships within the school and community. 

Goal #4: TECHNOLOGY: Increase the technology resources that are available for our students and improve the integration of these resources.

Click here to see an overview of our Comprehensive Plan.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education recently released the School Performance Profiles for every school in the state. Click here to see our SPP.

The Superintendent has received a rating of either proficient or distinguished on each of the goals established through the Comprehensive Plan since 2013. 

Superintendent's Rating