• ShoreTel

    Here is what you need to do once you have a new ShoreTel Phone in your room or office:
    1) Set up Voicemail:
    Pick up handset, push # then # again. 
    You will hear a ring and then you will be welcomed to the Mitel Voicemail system.
    You will need to enter a password. 
    The first password is:   1234
    After you enter 1234# you will be prompted to change it. Use a 4 digit number you will remember. You will need to enter it twice.
    Follow the prompts and record your name. (This must be done first to receive Voicemail) 
    You can continue to listen to options. If you press 7 you can follow the prompts to record your personal greeting. This is the greeting parents will hear when they leave you a voice mail. 
    Here is a sample script:
    "You have reached (Your Name) (Use Mr. Mrs. or Ms before your last name if you are a teacher.) I am not available to take your call at this time please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible."
    2) To dial another district phone simply dial the extension.
    3) To dial an outside number you can simply dial the number 8 then the number. If the call doesn't go through dial 81 then the number, it may be long distance.