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Nurse's Office


  • A student who becomes ill during the school day should report to the nurse.
  • All students reporting to the nurse must have passes.  Loitering in the nurse’s room is prohibited.  If there is a necessity to go home, the nurse will inform the parent of this.  If a student leaves without permission, the student will be considered truant.  When the nurse is not available, students who are ill should report to the office. 
  • The nurse is permitted to administer medication that is sent into the nurse's office, accompanied by the signed medication policy, which can be found under Policies and Forms on this page.

Tests and Examinations

  • Vision/Growth/BMI: All grade levels yearly
  • Hearing: K-3, 7,11 and any student in any grade with a history of hearing loss or for whom there are no past records.
  • Medical Examinations: K or 1, 6,11 and students with no health records or those not completed by family physician.
  • Dental Screenings: K, 3, 7 and students with no dental records or those not completed by family dentist.
  • Scoliosis Screening: 6, 7
  • Private physical and dental examinations may be done up to one year before entry into the specified grade. Please check with the School Nurse for details. 

Christine Barsic

School Nurse

724-775-7500 ext 1942


Rose McCoy

Nurse Paraprofessional

724-775-7500 ext 1943