• Title 1A District Information

    It is the policy of the Rochester Area School District that parent family engagement in the Title I Schoolwide program is an integral part of the school. 

    The following activities will be carried out under the guidance of the Parent Advisory Council and the Rochester Elementary School administration and staff. Therefore, parents will be invited to be involved in the Title I program through a variety of activities including but not limited to :

    • Information will be distributed through the use of a letter or meeting concerning a child’s participation in the Title I program for supplemental instruction.
    • Periodic reporting will be sent home to inform parents of their child’s progress in an easily understandable format.
    • Conferences with teachers to inform parents of curriculum, student’s progress and proficiency level will be held at least once a year.
    • Provide assistance to parents on the understanding and explanation of the state standards and local testing and assessments.
    • Parents can request meetings with school administration and staff at any time to accommodate their schedules.
    • Provide materials and suggestions to promote education at home.
    • Conduct training sessions and promote and provide adult literacy so parents can reinforce education at home.
    • Provide timely information concerning the Title I program including plans and evaluations
    • Request for parent suggestions in the planning development and operation for the Title I program and parent compact.
    • Consult with parent about how the school can work with them to achieve the goals of the Title I program.
    • Encourage parents to participate on the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) which meets at least three times a year.
    • Encourage parents to utilize Title I funds for the parent involvement conference (SPAC) and activities as approved by the Board of Education.

    Parents will be actively involved in developing and revising the Rochester Elementary Title I school wide plan.

    The Rochester Area School District's Title I Parent and Family Engagement Policy for both the District and the Rochester Elementary School has been updated.  We have also updated the Rochester Elementary Title I School/Parent Compact.  Please click on the following links to access the updated policies:

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