Why Students Join?


    • To learn about a profession that is highly respected and promotes creativity, leadership, empathy, patience, and a specialized area of knowledge that you can choose based on your love of a subject!


    • To develop a new found appreciation for the profession because you will learn first-hand what teachers do to prepare and teach a lesson in their classrooms.


    • To benefit from the opportunities our club has to offer such as: job shadowing, a scholarship program, a community service project, hands-on projects that we do around our school to promote National Education Week and Teacher Appreciation Week, Helping Hands teacher assistant program, our Study Buddies tutoring program, our Rochy Roasters Complimentary Coffee Cart for our staff, and many fundraisers held throughout the year for school improvement projects for our district.


    • You can also obtain your senior project job shadowing hours within our school!


    Membership Guidelines


    • Any 7th - 12th grade student who shows an interest in education as a profession


    • Must demonstrate appropriate classroom behavior


    • Must have a passion for performing community service and creating a valuable partnership with teachers and students within the club


    • All members must abide by all rules and uphold a professional reputation or their membership can be revoked at any time


    Joining the Club


    Please reach out if you are interested in joining our exclusive club! If you just want to learn more about the profession, please feel free to email me and I will invite you to our next meeting.


    Not all of you will pursue the path of teaching but you can be part of something much bigger by becoming a leader and contributing your time and efforts to our yearly projects and community service events.  


    Valerie A.Perelman  




    RASD Advisor