• College in High School

    Rochester currently offers 7 College in High School courses. These courses are taught at the high school, within the regular instructional day, by our highly qualified instructors. Students obtain college credit for these courses upon successful completion of the coursework. Some courses, like CHS Chemistry, require the students to participate in occasional labs and/or lectures at the University.

    The University of Pittsburgh has approved our biology course as a three-credit CHS course for the 2020-2021 school year!

    CHS Honors English 12 3 Community College of Beaver County
    CHS Calculus 4 Community College of Beaver County
    CHS Statistics & Probability 4 University of Pittsburgh
    CHS Chemistry 4 University of Pittsburgh
    CHS Holocaust 3 Seton Hill University
    Financial Accounting 4 Pittsburgh Technical College
    Entrepreneurial Experience 4 Pittsburgh Technical College
    CHS Biology 3 University of Pittsburgh


    Community College of Beaver County High School Academies

    Through our partnership with the Community College of Beaver County, juniors and seniors have the option of attending one of five Academies and earning 28 college credits while in high school.

    The Academies include:

    Aviation Academy

    Health Academy

    STEM Academy

    Criminal Justice Academy

    Mascaro Construction Academy


    Beaver County Career and Technology Center (BCCTC)

    The Beaver County Career and Technology Center, which is an extension of the school districts in Beaver County, offers a variety of vocational and technical programs for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Each occupational program prepares students to enter the job market with an occupational skill or certificate.

    CTC programs include: 

    Automotive Technology

    Business Information


    Collision Repair Technology

    Commercial Art, Cosmetology

    Culinary Arts, Electrical Occupations

    Graphic Arts & Printing


    Health Occupations


    Logistics & Materials Management

    Machine Tool Technology

    Masonry & Bricklaying

    Veterinary Assistant