• Gifted and Talented Program

    Chapter 16 of the Pennsylvania School Code recognizes that gifted students need specially designed instruction, based on the unique needs of each student. “Gifted education shall enable them (gifted students) to participate in acceleration or enrichment, or both, as appropriate, and to receive services according to their intellectual and academic abilities and needs.”

    Acknowledging the unique needs of students possessing high academic potential, the Rochester GATE Program shall provide educational experiences through regular classroom placement and out of classroom opportunities. Within the regular classroom, children shall be encouraged to pursue academic excellence. Outside of the regular education setting the gifted students will be challenged to utilize the knowledge and skill gained in higher level thinking and problem solving application.

    The purpose of this dual approach to gifted education is to provide an integrated program for each individual student that will, by encouraging a transfer of knowledge from the classroom learning to real life problem solving situations, enhance the student’s appreciation of learning as a lifelong activity.