This weeks tech tips will cover:


    Our help desk system:


    We are going to cover how you submit a ticket and how we receive it/process the request:

    To create a help desk request:

    1. Log into gmail

    2. Click the Compose button

    3. In the “To” field type help@rasd.org

    4. In the “Subject” field give a brief description of the problem (Such as: keyboard, mouse, sound, NWEA, missing cables, projector needs adjusted, etc.).

    5. In the body of the email you can elaborate on the problem you are experiencing. Every piece of equipment has a device number. Please remember to include this device number on any ticket submissions so we know we are servicing the correct piece of equipment.  iPads, Chromebooks, desktops and laptops should be marked with a number. If for some reason the number is missing or you can’t find it, please tell us the row the computer is in so we can narrow it down.

    6. Click send (Our ticket system doesn’t send an email stating you have submitted a ticket. If you do not receive an error message then you know the ticket has been submitted.


    Processing the ticket:

    1. Now that you have submitted the ticket all of the technicians will be emailed and your ticket will be placed in the ticketing queue..

    2. Once a technician starts to work on your ticket you will get a notification in your inbox that one of the tech members has been assigned to the ticket.

    3. If this is an issue that the technician can handle from their desk they will fix the issue and then reply back to the ticket. When the tech replies back you will receive an email. Please keep an eye out for for this email. You can also reply back to this email with the answer. This will create a record of communication should we need to refer back to the issue for any reason.

    4. Once that tech has resolved the problem, they will close the ticket. If for some reason the problem is not fixed you can reply to the email that states the ticket has been closed and it will reopen the ticket.


    We can’t stress this enough: please submit a ticket! The ticket system keeps the technicians on task and provides records of all previous and current technical issues. We want to resolve your issues in a timely fashion, and the system helps us remember all current projects and prioritize them.